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30th January : Tuesday Talk - My Arthur (from the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy) his women and his children

28th January : What can I say except 'wow' and blush deeply... "I never thought I’d fall in love with a historical series that wasn’t medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian, but I did....My favorite scene in the whole book (and there were many awesome scene to choose from) was when Jes helped Tiola deliver a baby."   fantastic review of Sea Witch 
A rare interview (no, not with Morgan/Trump) with King Arthur! via Pauline Barclay

26th January New Release! The Kingmaking in German 

23rd January Tuesday Talk - with me and a smuggler or two (and some ponies trotting through the dark

19th January 2013 ... was our first day in our new house. And it looked like this -

(it is also the day, in 1992 that my dear Dad passed away. Miss you Dad.)

18th January : Myths, Legends, Coffee Pots ... and a pirate! Meet Jesamiah Acorne via Mary Anne Yarde's blog

16th January : Tuesday Talk -  Fancy a visit to Old London with 1820s Magistrate Constable Sam Plank and auythor, Susan Grossey?
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15th January : Mid-Month Extra on #DDRevs Ever wonder how Historical Fiction writers "know" what happened back then? By Inge H. Borg

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13th January : Falling for Fictional Heroes? An article on Joan Druett's blog - me and my pirate.

9th January : Pages of a book found aboard Blackbeard's ship... does this mean pirates loved reading? Tuesday Talk, article by Helen Hollick

7th JanuaryAs a way of helping to promote writers of historical fiction I am inviting people to send me some suitable articles to possibly be posted on the historical fiction review blog I founded (Discovering Diamonds). Click the link for details. We also welcome submissions of historical fiction (and its various sub-genres) for possible review (and would love some new, additional reviewers!)

6th January : King Harold II crowned at Westminster Abbey 1066

1st January :
Happy New Year to All!


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