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Monday 29th May 7 - 8pm  : I will be chatting to Oliver Tooley on North Devon Radio The Voice  Online, on DAB and on 106.1 & 107.8 FM

*LATEST NEWS: 26th May 2017 
I have signed a contract with Pen and Sword Books: commissioned to write a book about smuggling! #Exciting!

* 23rd May 2017
My Tuesday Talk Blog Guest : New author David Barker talks about 'The Fame Game' and his debut novel. 

* 22nd May 2017
On the Amberley Press Blog 
I talk about writing Pirates: Truth and Tales (and note before anyone spots it: the publisher changed the title at the last minute from Truth and Tale to Truth and Tales - hence the discrepancy.

 * 21st May 2017
Giveaway Winner: I offered new subscribers to my newsletter a chance to win a copy of my recent Pirates Truth & Tales. And the winner was (drum roll) Alexis Johnson. I'll be e-mailing you Alexis.

* Tuesday Talk 16th May 2017
My guest today, Melissa Addey, talks about her research and the background to her novel:
"The novel centres around a real woman in China in the 1760s. When the Emperor of China conquered her homeland of Turkestan (now known as Xinjiang), he summoned a local Muslim woman to the Forbidden City to become his concubine.  It seems she was a favourite, being given gifts and promoted before being buried with all due honours on her death many years later. But many legends grew up around her."
Read More:
Finding the Real People Between the Pages of History

Saturday 13th May 2017  
Discovering Diamonds: Book Choice of the Month 

* Tuesday 9th May 2017
Those Troublesome Typos! 'I'd rather readers and reviewers laughed WITH me not AT me!" #RedFace - yes but I'm also the victim of a charlatan 'reviewer' who targets authors to boost his business.  Now ALLi has exposed him - but it doesn't help the typos in my book, alas.
Read the full article HERE

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